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Ana CF v2

Ana Luisa Correia

Principal Investigator

Lamego, Portugal

The big questions in my laboratory are: How does breast cancer spread to other organs? How does it grow or not in distant organs? And how can we stop it?


Francisco Landum

Research Assistant

Lisboa, Portugal

I hold a MSc in Biotechnology, and developed my thesis on how acidosis contributes to immunosuppression and the development of pancreatic cancer. I decided to continue my career in immuno-oncology, but now applied to the pathogenesis of metastasis in breast cancer.

Miguel Fuzeta

Miguel Fuzeta


Lisboa, Portugal

I hold a MSc in Biological Engineering, and a PhD in Bioengineering through the MIT Portugal Program, during which I developed a bioreactor system to scale up the production of extracellular vesicles engineered for cancer-targeted drug delivery. I am keen in continuing my career bridging science and engineering, but now applied to finding ways to better treat patients with metastatic breast cancer.


Andreia Gonçalves

PhD student

Amarante, Portugal

I hold an MSc in Bioengineering, with a specialization in molecular biotechnology, during which I developed a 3D mimetic of the human neural stem cell niche. After 2 years designing 3D-biotissue analogues of the bone and the skin at the start-up Biofabics, I am all geared up to pursue my PhD on understanding the complex interplay between the nervous and immune systems during the formation of breast cancer metastases.

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