Cancer Hallmarks: Piecing the Puzzle Together

2024 - Cancer Discovery

Authors: Maria P. Alcolea, Direna Alonso Curbelo, Chiara Ambrogio, Susan Bullman, Ana Luisa Correia, Aurelie Ernst, Christopher J. Halbrook, Gemma Kelly, Amanda Lund, Name is private, Marcus Ruscetti, Efrat Shema, Ingunn M Stromnes, Wai Leong Tam

Targeting cancer cell dormancy

2024 - Nature Reviews Cancer

Authors: Judith Agudo, Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, Mickie Bhatia, Lewis A. Chodosh, Ana Luisa Correia, Christoph A. Klein

Locally sourced: site-specific immune barriers to metastasis

2023 - Nature Reviews Immunology

Authors: Correia, A.L.

Lessons for the Next Generation of Scientists from the Second Annual Arthur and Sandra Irving Cancer Immunology Symposium

2023 - Cancer Immunology Research

Authors: Alvarez-Breckenridge, C., Anderson, K.G., Correia, A.L., Demehri, S., Dinh, H.Q., Dixon, K.O., Dunn, G.P., Evgin, L., Goc, J., Good, Z., Hacohen, N., Han, P., Hanc, P., Hickey, J., Kersten, K., Liu, B.C., Buque, A., Miao, Y., Milner, J.J., Pritykin, Y., Pucci, F., Scharping, N.E., Sudmeier, L., Wang, Y., Wieland, A., Williams, M.M.

N-acetylcysteine overcomes NF1 loss-driven resistance to PI3Kα inhibition in breast cancer

2023 - Cell Reports Medicine

Authors: Auf der Maur, P., Trefny, M.P., Baumann, Z., Vulin, M., Correia, A.L., Diepenbruck, M., Kramer, N., Volkmann, K., Preca, B.-T., Ramos, P., Leroy, C., Eichlisberger, T., Buczak, K., Zilli, F., Okamoto, R., Rad, R., Jensen, M.R., Fritsch, C., Zippelius, A., Stadler, M.B., Bentires-Alj, M.

A high-throughput drug screen reveals means to differentiate triple-negative breast cancer.

2022 - Oncogene

Authors: Vulin M, Jehanno C, Sethi A, Correia AL, Obradović MMS, Couto JP, Coissieux MM, Diepenbruck M, Preca BT, Volkmann K, der Maur PA, Schmidt A, Münst S, Bentires-Alj M


2022 - Cancer cell

Authors: Lyden D, Ghajar CM, Correia AL, Aguirre-Ghiso JA, Cai S, Rescigno M, Zhang P, Hu G, Fendt SM, Boire A, Weichselbaum RR, Katipally RR

Tracking dormant disseminated tumour cells

2022 - Nature Reviews Cancer

Authors: Correia, A.L.

Hepatic stellate cells suppress NK cell-sustained breast cancer dormancy

2021 - Nature

Authors: Correia, A.L., Guimaraes, J.C., Auf der Maur, P., De Silva, D., Trefny, M.P., Okamoto, R., Bruno, S., Schmidt, A., Mertz, K., Volkmann, K., Terracciano, L., Zippelius, A., Vetter, M., Kurzeder, C., Weber, W.P., Bentires-Alj, M.

Prevention of dsRNA-induced interferon signaling by AGO1x is linked to breast cancer cell proliferation

2020 - EMBO Journal

Authors: Ghosh, S., Guimaraes, J.C., Lanzafame, M., Schmidt, A., Syed, A.P., Dimitriades, B., Börsch, A., Ghosh, S., Mittal, N., Montavon, T., Correia, A.L., Danner, J., Meister, G., Terracciano, L.M., Pfeffer, S., Piscuoglio, S., Zavolan, M.

AGO1x prevents dsRNA-induced interferon signaling to promote breast cancer cell proliferation

2019 - bioRxiv

Authors: Ghosh, S., Guimaraes, J.C., Lanzafame, M., Schmidt, A., Syed, A.P., Dimitriades, B., Börsch, A., Ghosh, S., Correia, A.L., Danner, J., Meister, G., Terracciano, L.M., Piscuoglio, S., Zavolan, M.

Non-catalytic domain targets in matrix metalloprotease proteins for cancer therapies

2015 -

Authors: Ana Luisa Correia, Mina J. Bissell, Hidetoshi Mori, Celeste M Nelson, Emily Chen

Mammary Branching Morphogenesis Requires Reciprocal Signaling by Heparanase and MMP-14

2015 - Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Authors: Gomes, A.M., Bhat, R., Correia, A.L., Mott, J.D., Ilan, N., Vlodavsky, I., Pavão, M.S.G., Bissell, M.

Reversible Aptamer-Au Plasmon Rulers for Secreted Single Molecules

2015 - Nano Letters

Authors: Lee, S.E., Chen, Q., Bhat, R., Petkiewicz, S., Smith, J.M., Ferry, V.E., Correia, A.L., Alivisatos, A.P., Bissell, M.J.

The Role of the Microenvironment in Tumor Initiation, Progression, and Metastasis

2015 - The Molecular Basis of Cancer: Fourth Edition

Authors: Ghajar, C.M., Correia, A.L., Bissell, M.J.

The hemopexin domain of MMP3 is responsible for mammary epithelial invasion and morphogenesis through extracellular interaction with HSP90β

2013 - Genes and Development

Authors: Correia, A.L., Mori, H., Chen, E.I., Schmitt, F.C., Bissell, M.J.

The tumor microenvironment is a dominant force in multidrug resistance

2012 - Drug Resistance Updates

Authors: Correia, A.L., Bissell, M.J.

Extracellular cleavage and shedding of P-cadherin: A mechanism underlying the invasive behaviour of breast cancer cells

2010 - Oncogene

Authors: Ribeiro, A.S., Albergaria, A., Sousa, B., Correia, A.L., Bracke, M., Seruca, R., Schmitt, F.C., Paredes, J.

Breast carcinomas that co-express E- and P-cadherin are associated with p120-catenin cytoplasmic localisation and poor patient survival

2008 - Journal of Clinical Pathology

Authors: Paredes, J., Correia, A.L., Ribeiro, A.S., Milanezi, F., Cameselle-Teijeiro, J., Schmitt, F.C.

Expression of p120-catenin isoforms correlates with genomic and transcriptional phenotype of breast cancer cell lines

2007 - Cellular Oncology

Authors: Paredes, J., Correia, A.L., Ribeiro, A.S., Schmitt, F.

P-cadherin expression in breast cancer: A review

2007 - Breast Cancer Research

Authors: Paredes, J., Correia, A.L., Ribeiro, A.S., Albergaria, A., Milanezi, F., Schmitt, F.C.

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